I was born in Sunshine Victoria Australia, on a Sunday, on the first day of Summer and I am a Fire sign, Ha ha!!! Hot stuff! ;) ;)


  I grew up in the wild Western Suburbs of Melbourne but always spent my holidays and any moment possible with animals at the beach or in the country.

  For as long as I can remember I had a great passion for the Awesome Power of Nature and the Breathtaking Beauty of the World around us.  It is with admiration, Respect, Love and Passion that inspires me to create my Art. 


  After 35 years of teaching hairdressing and self-development, traveling and exploring the world, I finally decided to settle down back home in OZ and follow my Dream...

  I enrolled in Uni and got my Visual Arts Diploma. Wanting to express my Dreams and Visions and desireing a deeper understanding of Human Nature, I acquired my Masters in NLP.  I wish to create Art that can inspire and help others to find their path and believe in their Dreams.


  Art continues to fulfil and inspire me daily! It opens my life up to other worlds, allowing me to fully appreciate and express everything I feel and see.



         I couldn't imagine doing anything else.....  Marie Jean Hamilton xox


                   "All our Dreams can come TRUE!!!

                                       ... if we have the courage to pursue them." 

                                                                                             - Walt Disney